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Licorice and Cavities – What’s the Connection? Your Vancouver dentist knows!

Posted on Sep 20, 2012

A group of scientist recently discovered that licorice could help fight off the bacteria that causes cavities and tooth decay. Your team of dental experts at Downtown Dental, your Vancouver dentist, wish to weigh in on the facts and help you make the most informed decision possible with regards to your oral health.

First, the licorice discussed in the study isn’t the licorice candy you see sold in stores. In fact, we at Downtown Dental, your Vancouver dentist, do not really recommend ‘fake’ licorice as a treat. Licorice candy can adhere to your teeth and in fact cause tooth cavities and gum disease.

Real licorice, however, has been a staple in Chinese medicine for centuries. With the help of scientific inquire, we now know that dried licorice root includes licoricidin and licorisoflavan A. Licoricidin and licorisoflavan A. are effective in getting rid of the bacteria that’s usually responsible for gum disease and tooth decay – the origin of 80 % of all dental problems that our patients report. In fact, gum disease is the second most common problem in North America, 2nd just to the common cold. Licorice might be able to decrease your threat of gum disease and cavities if used in a total oral health care program that consists of brushing your teeth at least two times a day for a minimum of 3 minutes, flossing carefully prior to bed and visiting Downtown Dental, your Vancouver dentist, a minimum of two times a year for routine dental exams.

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